Rosalie Murray       Children's Book Author


          I have a passion for words.  I have a passion for writing.  I love to write.  And one of my loves is children's books.  And I have a new one just released, published by

Tate Publising.  http:www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=9781613463055   

     It is called YUM YUM and HER CHRISTMAS MOUSE.


        It is about a little white mouse, named Percy, that becomes separated from his family at Christmas time and fines himself face to face with a cat named Yum Yum.  She however, is not an ordinary cat but a princess.  Their adventure begins and they prove that being different doesn't matter to real friends !

         Look in on my website and find what more adventures there is, in-store for you and your children.  Blessings,   RM


My other children's books coming soon are;

*****Larry's Velcro World

*****Bobby and Bun Bun's Afternoon Adventure

*****Two for Breakfast