Margaret Westbrook Brame


Lift on high the golden chalice!

Filled with the wine of memory,

Drink a toast of measured sweetness

To our own fair Rosalie.

Years have added to your beauty,

Dreams of a romantic past,

Of your early scenes resplendent,

Beautiful, but too bright to last.

Within your vaunted halls, in fancy,

We can see the beauteous belles

As they trip the light fantastic

To the music's magic spell.

Gay gallants in satin breeches,

Lace trimmed coats and buckled shoes,

Gaily tread the stately measures.

With hoop-skirted belles they choose.

'Neath the softened light of candles

On the polished dancing floor,

Hearts beat fast to gay sweet music,

Pledge to love forevermore.

Many a life-romance was fashioned,

Soft moonlight near fountain's flow,

Cupid cast his fatal arrows,

Hearts surrendered long ago.

Rosalie, your past was lovely,

May your future brightness hold,

Now we have you, we will love you,

You have won us heart and soul.

Keep the romance and the beauty

You have garnered with the years,

Joy and sorrow, rain and sunshine,

Blend with happiness and tears.

As our shrine we'll gladly treasure

All your patina of the past.

We will guard your future boldly,

For your spell will time outlast.

Lift on high the golden chalice!

Pledge we now our loyalty,

Symbol of the Wheel and Distaff,

D.A.R. and Rosalie

            Rosalie, is a beautiful antebellum home in Natchez, MS, built in 1820, by Peter Little, later purchased by Andrew Wilson.  The furnishings bought in 1858 are still in the house.  Rosalie, was Federal Headquarters in 1863 during the occupation of Natchez but not burned or harmed, as so many homes were.

          Rosalie, stands on historic ground.  In 1716 Bienville established the first fort on the Mississippi River and called it "Rosalie" for the beautiful Duchess de Pontchartrain.

          ROSALIE, is a Mississippi State Shire and owned by the Daughters of the American Revolution and is opened for tours.

                                    SHE IS TRULY A BEAUTIFUL LADY !